Pretty, pretty bluebells

Pretty, pretty bluebells, everywhere I go! I was quite nervous to do my first bluebell season, but I joined the hordes of other photographers getting blue recently and I really enjoyed it.  I worked with some great families, and captured some lovely moments for them with the typically English springtime backdrop of a forest floor blanketed in bluebells.  I was nervous for a few different reasons:  bluebells generally only last a few weeks once they have bloomed, so there is […]

A day at the beach (huts)

Picture the scene: beautiful blue skies, temperatures warmer than in some parts of Spain, happy sunkissed faces, and an almost empty beach in front of a row of cute little beach huts.  This was the idea behind our trip to Thorpe Bay to spend a day with a group of mummies and children at our friend’s beach hut.  It was not a complete fantasy, the blue skies and soaring temperatures were reality for a few glorious days mid-April.  It just so […]

When in Rome

I recently travelled to Rome with my sister.  3 whole days with no children, unbroken sleep, no work and plenty of gelato!  To say we enjoyed it would be an understatement – it was fantastic.  We laughed so much, talked a LOT and caught up on all the things we never get time to any more (catching up with 3 under 5’s in tow is never straightforward!) and took in all sorts of cultural wonderfulness. When we arrived at the hotel […]

Spring is in the air

Spring is finally in the air! And what better way to enjoy the warm sun on my face and fresh air in my lungs than with a camera hung around my neck. I had an absolutely fabulous day at Hylands House recently, photographing a few little beauties. Starting off the day I knew there would be 2 preschool age children, which I was very excited about as my own children are that age and it also tends to be my […]

Puppy Love

I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely family for a lifestyle photoshoot last weekend.  Mum, dad, son and puppy.  Four happy faces for me to capture – what a treat!  The morning started off very rainy and dark, and it didn’t get much better for hours.  I was quite concerned as we neared our appointment time, and driving along the motorway the sky was literally split in half: bright blue and sunny on one side, and dark grey clouds the […]

Sunday Fun Day

  I had the pleasure of photographing the launch event of a brand new soft play company at the weekend, Essex Fun Hire. These guys laid on such a fantastic event for children of all ages. It was completely free, with bouncy castles galore, larger-than-life lawn games, padded sumo suits, a disco dome, a dance machine, and of course the obligatory ball pond.   From the moment the doors opened the whole place was filled with smiling children, shouts of […]

Glitter, glitter, everywhere!

“Never work with children or animals”.  That’s what they say.  But the majority of my photography work is with children, so I laugh in the face of adversity!  Animals though, I’m not so sure.  I’m not quite brave enough yet.  I have no clue who ‘they’ are, but ‘they’ seem quite well versed on random, generic advice so I think I will agree with them on this one.  However, I think ‘they’ missed something out.  ‘They’ should have said “Never […]

Wonders of nature

So here we are, 2017.  A whole seventeen years since the millennium.  Am I the only one who still feels like it wasn’t all that long ago?! We had quite a quiet New Year celebration this year.  A busy few weeks leading up to Christmas and then being hit with a horrible cold meant I was good for nothing but falling asleep on the sofa in front of the television.  My husband did wake me before midnight though, when I […]

Here’s to 2017

Presents have been opened, the smiles have been plentiful, and the turkey has been roasted, curried and sandwiched – what a lovely Christmas!  I am a firm Christmas-aholic at the best of times, but this year was extra special as my little people were really excited; the 4 year old’s excitement definitely helped the 2 year old realise something big was happening!  Gone are the Christmases of late nights partying, in place of late nights wrapping presents.  Gone are the lazy […]

6 short months

When you look back just 6 short months, it’s not often you can say “Wow, my life has changed”.  But I’m lucky enough to be able to do that right now, as I sit and write my first blog post!  This time 6 months ago I was just about considering going public with my passion for photography.  My children and work were taking up more time than I had, but somehow I managed to find a few more hours in […]