Puppy Love

I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely family for a lifestyle
photoshoot last weekend.  Mum, dad, son and puppy.  Four happy faces for me to capture – what a treat!  The morning started off very rainy and dark, and it didn’t get much better for hours.  I was quite concerned as we neared our appointment time, and driving along the motorway the sky was literally split in half: bright blue and sunny on one side, and dark grey clouds the other.  I had my fingers crossed I was driving into the blue skies, although who can ever tell in the UK in March?!

We met at a lovely country park with stunning views and amazing trees (which I may have blogged about before… I do like an attractive tree!)  Thankfully the weather gods were on my side.  As soon as I parked up and got out of the car the sun came out and the clouds cleared.  My prayers on the motorway had been answered, and I had indeed driven into the blue skies and away from the grey clouds.  The family I was shooting arrived and I fell a little bit in love with Patch the puppy straight away.  The cutest little sausage dog I’ve ever met.  The weather wasn’t going to faze him one bit: he was wearing his raincoat just in case!

Patch’s parents, Jen and Al, introduced me to their son Teddy.  We shook hands, and then we were off.  Teddy led the way along the path, deciding to go up the hill rather than down it, and then we explored some muddy bushes and found the best leaves for him to collect.  We then looked for fish in the little river, and he tried his hand at climbing trees with his daddy.  I can’t count the amount of times we were stopped by other dog walkers, proclaiming their love for Patch!  Jen and Al must have to factor in extra time when going for dog walks for this reason alone, I’m sure of it.
By the end of the afternoon I was confident we had captured some truly lovely photographs of Teddy and his family exploring and having fun on a Sunday afternoon.  Capturing a favourite pastime of theirs, moments to look back on and cherish.

Not only were this family extremely photogenic and friendly, but they are part of a hugely successful parenting blog and online network.  Al founded The Dad Network (http://www.thedadnetwork.co.uk/), helped by Jen, a few years ago and they have gone from strength to strength, growing every day!

My husband first shared their Instagram page with me, and piqued my interest in the organisation.  I am now I’m an avid follower!  They also have a Facebook page and various online groups.  If you’re not a follower, you should be!  It’s a great parenting resource, and a fantastic outlet for real parenting, not the glossy “perfect” parenting that we all know certainly isn’t real!    

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  1. Thank you for such a great day and for capturing so many precious photographs of Ted. We can’t wait to get them up, pride of place, on the wall.

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