Destination wedding in Tuscany, Italy

I think most people will agree with me when I say we had a pretty awesome summer this year.  The sun shone for the majority of the time, people were living off barbecue food and ice lollies, and we had an exciting run in the World Cup!  On top of all that, I was lucky enough to work on a whole bunch of amazing weddings.  But all good things must come to an end, event long hot summers that feelas though they will last forever.  Luckily, my summer had a slight extension – as I got to travel to Italy to work on my latest wedding so far!

I travelled to a tiny village in Tuscany, just outside of San Gimignano, in September to shoot my first destination wedding, for Heather and David.  I had visions of lush green rolling hills and terracotta rooftops, and I wasn’t disappointed.  The landscape was amazing, truly indescribable.  I stayed in a traditional rustic apartment, which was part of a converted farmhouse.  A few wedding guests were in the same set of buildings, which were located just down the road from the main villa where the wedding party were staying.

The wedding ceremony was held at Via Monte Oliveto, a beautiful castle set in the hills of Castelfiorentino.  Again, I had a slight idea of what to expect – after all, everyone has Google!  But to experience it in person was just fantastic.  The ceremony was held in both Italian and English, which leant a traditional touch to the start of the day.  Later, the reception was held back at the villa where the bridal party were staying.  Heather and David had hired caterers who transformed the whole outside area into an expanse of glittering fairy lights, beautifully lighting the poo

l and wedding breakfast tables.  Canapes were handed around, and everyone enjoyed the delicious Italian wine.  David’s brother entertained the guests for a while by expertly playing the piano (lots of Whitney tracks, which I enjoyed a LOT).  The whole wedding party were so much fun, and there was a real sense of togetherness from every single guest.  Everyone was there to celebrate Heather and David, and they made sure the celebrations were unforgettable!

Following the speeches, David surprised Heather with a few bars on the piano – he had been practising especially.  I loved this, it was so romantic!  Luckily I wasn’t too misty eyed from the moment, and I managed to pick up my camera as well.  The first dance was typically emotional, heightened by David’s brother’s piano playing.  Just beautiful.

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