Wonders of nature

So here we are, 2017.  A whole seventeen years since the millennium.  Am I the only one who still feels like it wasn’t all that long ago?!

We had quite a quiet New Year celebration this year.  A busy few weeks leading up to Christmas and then being hit with a horrible cold meant I was good for nothing but falling asleep on the sofa in front of the television.  My husband did wake me before midnight though, when I quickly perked up and danced around the living room watching the fireworks on BBC1 for all of 10 minutes.  I am so rock and roll.

My daughter went back to school before my husband and I returned to work after the Christmas holidays.  After having just over 2 weeks away from school she was more than ready to go back.  She couldn’t wait to see all of her friends, and she told me she had even missed her teachers!  I must remember she is only 4 years old – my guess is that when she’s 14 it will be a very different story.  It was odd to have just my little boy at home with us that day.  We decided to get some fresh air and took a trip to Dunorlan Park in Tunbridge Wells.  It is such a beautiful park, loads of space for our little guy to run around, and lots of trees and exciting places for him to explore and discover: hidden walls, a massive fountain (which was completely frozen over!), a grand stone stairway.  It was one of those crisp winter days with frost on the grass and bright blue skies.   Just beautiful.

There’s something about huge old trees that fascinates me, and there are some truly wonderful trees at Dunorlan Park.  One in particular looked like something straight out of a storybook.  It’s branches were growing every which way, some overlapping each other and winding around one another, while others were growing directly towards the sky in a straight line.  The wonders of nature will forever amaze me!

The whole place also made for a very nice backdrop for the photography-minded among us.  As ever I had my camera with me and couldn’t resist a few rosy cheeked shots of my boy with his eyes sparkling with mischief and his nose getting redder from the cold by the minute!


I had my first photoshoot of the year last weekend: the beautiful Josie, just 2 weeks old.  I have known her mummy for quite some time, and felt privileged to be asked to take some photographs.  These early days are so special, and fly by so fast.  Any parent knows the common sayings like “they grow so fast”, “treasure these early days”, “time flies”.  I know I am guilty of saying them to other people myself.  But it is all true; those early sleep-deprived days of parenthood do fly by in a haze, and one day when you’re hunting around for your toddler’s lost sock and come across a baby photo of them you’ll suddenly be transported back, just for a second, to the long-forgotten days of chubby cheeks and gummy smiles.

Fast forward one week to yesterday evening.  Umbrella at the ready as I left the office to join the rest of the cold commuters heading home.  And then I realise something wonderful.  These people aren’t wet from the rain – it was snowing!  I love snow.  There’s something quite magical and serene about a snow covered street; everything seems so much quieter, more peaceful than usual… until all the children (and adults!) from the neighbourhood decide to hold a snowball fight on the quiet white road that is!  I understand how snow can be disruptive and a nuisance.  I understand it is cold and sometimes annoying.  I also understand that it can be outright dangerous.  But living in the South East of England we are usually subjected to clouds, rain and more clouds, with a few sunny showers thrown in for good measure, not counting the one or two of those blistering hot days in August where everyone ends up looking like red lobsters because nobody was in the least bit prepared for “summer”.  So snow, for me, is a treat.  Bring it on weather gods, I’m ready!

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