Smashing Cakes

I have had a bunch of Cake Smash photoshoots in the studio recently.  A Cake Smash photoshoot is such a fun way to commemorate the milestone that is Turning One!

At this age a lot of babies are constantly on the move and not interested in having their photograph taken.  The crawlers just want to crawl around, never content to sit in one spot for a posed portrait.  And the walkers are so intent on showing off their new skills that they most definitely do not want to stay still for long!  But, sit them in front of a cake and their focus seems to change…not surprising at all!  Who doesn’t enjoy cake on their birthday?  And being allowed to make a big mess at the same time – it’s a dream for most 1 year olds!

A Cake Smash is great for babies, but recently I’ve had a few older siblings join in with the Cake Smash photoshoots too.  An older brother came along to have some portraits taken with his twin siblings before the mess began, at which point he was more than happy to keep his brother and sister focussed on the cake, and help me to remember the words to their favourite nursery rhymes.  He was also very happy to be taking the leftover cake home afterwards!  An older sister came along to her baby sister’s Cake Smash photoshoot as well, and actually got involved in the smashing part.  She enjoyed the whole experience very much, and it was lovely to watch her look out for her baby sister while they were with me.

Following the messy part of the Cake Smash I usually introduce a Splash section to the photoshoot in my trusty bath tub.  So far, of all the babies I have had the pleasure of photographing, every single one has loved their bath Splash experience!  Bubbles galore, and more opportunity for them to make a mess – only this time it cleans off all the cake crumbs so that the babies are squeaky clean and ready to go home, usually ready for a nice long nap according to a lot of my parent clients!

If you are interested in booking a Cake Smash photoshoot with me for your little one’s big birthday, then please email me at  I would love to hear from you, and explore your ideas with you! 


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