Sweet Sixteenth by the Seaside

A 16th birthday is quite a big deal, but one of the biggest questions of the whole situation


“What do I buy as a gift for a 16 year old?”  A client of mine had the idea to buy her niece, Beth, a photoshoot, and it was received very well!

Beth, along with her aunt, brother and parents, met me in Leigh-On-Sea for a location photoshoot.  She had a few ideas of her own, and I had some too, and together we had a great afternoon testing out poses, accessories and different locations to get just the look she wanted.  At first we did a few safe portraits, a few smiles and so on.  And then the research Beth had done started to show in her poses and expressions and we were on a roll!  All of a sudden I didn’t need to

direct Beth into how to hold her face, or where to put her arms – she was a natural.

I showed Beth a few images on the back of my camera at different stages of the photoshoot, and she was very pleased with the results.

She even commented “I can’t believe how pretty you made me look” – crazy talk.

I didn’t make Beth look pretty, she is a beautiful girl inside and out, and that shone through into my lens – I just captured what was already there.


Despite the freezing conditions (an afternoon on the waterfront in January: what were we thinking?!) we had a lot of fun.  I loved creating just what Beth desired, and was incredibly happy with her feedback afterwards.  Happy client, happy me!

Beth, you rock!



3 thoughts on “Sweet Sixteenth by the Seaside”

  1. Thank you so much for this experience rachael, i seen myself in a different way ever since!!! Thank you once again

    • Beth, you are more than welcome. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again – you made it easy for me! You should have all the confidence in the world darling, a beautiful girl inside and out. I’ll see you again for round 2 when you turn 18 😉 xx

  2. Beth you are a natural beauty, and clearly a natural in front of a camera too! Stunning photos, well done Rachael!

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