Snow is (almost) falling

I had the honour of being part of another lovely event held by Contact the Elderly at the weekend.  The Thurrock charity’s team held a huge Christmas dinner event for over 100 guests at The Orsett Hall on Sunday, and so much fun was had by everyone!

You may know from my previous blog and social media posts that I am a massive fan of the work done by Contact the Elderly.  The sense of community and the relationships they provide for many, many people is vital – at Christmastime, and all year round.  However, at this time of year loneliness can really hit home.  Adverts sharing their storybook-perfect tales of families celebrating Christmas together are lovely, unless you’re sitting home alone and have no family to celebrate with, and no plans for that to change even though it is Christmas.  Shops selling gifts for friends and loved ones can be a fun and festive experience, unless you have no friends or loved ones to buy for.  Thanks to Contact the Elderly the opposite is true for a lot of people who may well have been alone last Christmas, and the Christmas before that.

I had lots of fun at the Christmas dinner on Sunday, and I was only there to take photographs!  Walking around the beautifully decorated room I couldn’t help but smile: there was not one person who wasn’t enjoying themselves.  I left the dinner with some beautiful photographs and an aching tummy, but not from too much turkey – from all of the laughter!


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