Here’s to 2017

Presents have been opened, the smiles have been plentiful, and the turkey has been roasted, curried and sandwiched – what a lovely Christmas!  I am a firm Christmas-aholic at the best of times, but this year was extra special as my little people were really excited; the 4 year old’s excitement definitely helped the 2 year old realise something big was happening!  Gone are the Christmases of late nights partying, in place of late nights wrapping presents.  Gone are the lazy Christmas mornings, in place of crazy Christmas mornings – where my living room resembles a toy shop, and breakfast is strong coffee and chocolates from the Christmas tree.  But I wouldn’t change it for the world.  As those two little people are my world, and wanting to make them smile comes as naturally to me as breathing.  There is nothing better than their faces cracking into a big grin or the sound of their laughter.  And for my little people, there is nothing more smile- or laughter-inducing as Christmas morning!

My 4 year old daughter got a camera for Christmas, she was over the moon and has been snapping ever since.  It’s only a small one from Toys R Us and it’s really simple to use, especially for this generation of tech-savvy children.  I think she has plans on following in mummy’s footsteps in the future, which is a bit of a departure from her previous career goals  of becoming a “puppy hairdresser”.  My 2 year old son has no such interest in his own future just yet, or in photography in general, but his big blue eyes and easy smile do make him a very good subject to be photographed!

I must have been on Santa’s Nice List this year as he brought me lots of lovely gifts (well, I suppose I should give my husband some credit…!), including my new ultra wide angle lens.  I have been playing with it already and love the curve effect I can get with it.  My daughter and I had a trip out to Langdon Hills Country Park this morning – both with our cameras, of course – and with fog all around and the low light, the trees looked very eerie indeed with the wide angle lens!  We also followed the Beatrix Potter trail and read all about the different animals in all of her stories.  It’s a must for anyone local.

My camera was never far from my hands over Christmas, but I am already looking forward to being back in the studio in January.  I have lots of new ideas that I want to try out, and lots of new clients I am looking forward to meeting.  Who says January has to be depressing?!

So here’s to 2017.  Here’s to health, happiness and photography!

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