Monthly Archives: October 2017

Rachael on the Radio

A strange thing happened yesterday morning:  it’s the middle of half term and most usual avenues of entertaining the children have been exhausted, so we decided to pull out the big guns and go out for brunch and furniture shopping.  That wasn’t the strange thing – the children love a good sofa shop!  The strange thing was the phone call I received from BBC Radio Essex, inviting me on air to discuss photographing the elderly. Very quickly I realised this […]

A wedding-ful summer

The summer flew by this year, in a flurry of lace and tulle, champagne and canapes, and flowers and confetti.  I seemed to be working at a wedding every single week – if not more often than that!  And I absolutely loved every second. I was lucky enough to work at some beautiful Essex wedding venues, and experience some fabulous delights such as an outdoor wedding ceremony on a beautifully hot and sunny day, a silhouette artist cutting out the […]