Monthly Archives: May 2017

Time for Tea

Last weekend I hosted a Contact the Elderly tea party.  Contact the Elderly is a charity that aims to tackle loneliness and isolation among our rapidly ageing population.  It was founded in 1965 and is the only national charity with this sole purpose.  It is supported by a volunteer network who organise monthly tea parties for small groups of older people across England, Scotland and Wales.  These tea parties provide a regular and vital friendship link every month to almost […]

Pretty, pretty bluebells

Pretty, pretty bluebells, everywhere I go! I was quite nervous to do my first bluebell season, but I joined the hordes of other photographers getting blue recently and I really enjoyed it.  I worked with some great families, and captured some lovely moments for them with the typically English springtime backdrop of a forest floor blanketed in bluebells.  I was nervous for a few different reasons:  bluebells generally only last a few weeks once they have bloomed, so there is […]

A day at the beach (huts)

Picture the scene: beautiful blue skies, temperatures warmer than in some parts of Spain, happy sunkissed faces, and an almost empty beach in front of a row of cute little beach huts.  This was the idea behind our trip to Thorpe Bay to spend a day with a group of mummies and children at our friend’s beach hut.  It was not a complete fantasy, the blue skies and soaring temperatures were reality for a few glorious days mid-April.  It just so […]