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Here’s to 2017

Presents have been opened, the smiles have been plentiful, and the turkey has been roasted, curried and sandwiched – what a lovely Christmas!  I am a firm Christmas-aholic at the best of times, but this year was extra special as my little people were really excited; the 4 year old’s excitement definitely helped the 2 year old realise something big was happening!  Gone are the Christmases of late nights partying, in place of late nights wrapping presents.  Gone are the lazy […]

6 short months

When you look back just 6 short months, it’s not often you can say “Wow, my life has changed”.  But I’m lucky enough to be able to do that right now, as I sit and write my first blog post!  This time 6 months ago I was just about considering going public with my passion for photography.  My children and work were taking up more time than I had, but somehow I managed to find a few more hours in […]