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Destination wedding in Tuscany, Italy

I think most people will agree with me when I say we had a pretty awesome summer this year.  The sun shone for the majority of the time, people were living off barbecue food and ice lollies, and we had an exciting run in the World Cup!  On top of all that, I was lucky enough to work on a whole bunch of amazing weddings.  But all good things must come to an end, event long hot summers that feelas […]

A fairy tale wedding in Essex

Billie and Billy were married in May this year, on one of those beautiful warm days with the promise of summer ahead.  Billie wore a stunning princess gown, with sparkle and glitter from head to toe! All day long people were calling her a princess, and it really is the only way to describe the way she looked on the day.  A princess straight out of a fairy tale! There was a fairy tale theme to the whole day too, starting with Billie […]

Smashing Cakes

I have had a bunch of Cake Smash photoshoots in the studio recently.  A Cake Smash photoshoot is such a fun way to commemorate the milestone that is Turning One! At this age a lot of babies are constantly on the move and not interested in having their photograph taken.  The crawlers just want to crawl around, never content to sit in one spot for a posed portrait.  And the walkers are so intent on showing off their new skills […]

Sweet Sixteenth by the Seaside

A 16th birthday is quite a big deal, but one of the biggest questions of the whole situation  is “What do I buy as a gift for a 16 year old?”  A client of mine had the idea to buy her niece, Beth, a photoshoot, and it was received very well! Beth, along with her aunt, brother and parents, met me in Leigh-On-Sea for a location photoshoot.  She had a few ideas of her own, and I had some too, and […]

Snow is (almost) falling

I had the honour of being part of another lovely event held by Contact the Elderly at the weekend.  The Thurrock charity’s team held a huge Christmas dinner event for over 100 guests at The Orsett Hall on Sunday, and so much fun was had by everyone! You may know from my previous blog and social media posts that I am a massive fan of the work done by Contact the Elderly.  The sense of community and the relationships they provide for […]

A wedding-ful summer

The summer flew by this year, in a flurry of lace and tulle, champagne and canapes, and flowers and confetti.  I seemed to be working at a wedding every single week – if not more often than that!  And I absolutely loved every second. I was lucky enough to work at some beautiful Essex wedding venues, and experience some fabulous delights such as an outdoor wedding ceremony on a beautifully hot and sunny day, a silhouette artist cutting out the […]

Pretty, pretty bluebells

Pretty, pretty bluebells, everywhere I go! I was quite nervous to do my first bluebell season, but I joined the hordes of other photographers getting blue recently and I really enjoyed it.  I worked with some great families, and captured some lovely moments for them with the typically English springtime backdrop of a forest floor blanketed in bluebells.  I was nervous for a few different reasons:  bluebells generally only last a few weeks once they have bloomed, so there is […]

When in Rome

I recently travelled to Rome with my sister.  3 whole days with no children, unbroken sleep, no work and plenty of gelato!  To say we enjoyed it would be an understatement – it was fantastic.  We laughed so much, talked a LOT and caught up on all the things we never get time to any more (catching up with 3 under 5’s in tow is never straightforward!) and took in all sorts of cultural wonderfulness. When we arrived at the hotel […]

Spring is in the air

Spring is finally in the air! And what better way to enjoy the warm sun on my face and fresh air in my lungs than with a camera hung around my neck. I had an absolutely fabulous day at Hylands House recently, photographing a few little beauties. Starting off the day I knew there would be 2 preschool age children, which I was very excited about as my own children are that age and it also tends to be my […]